Google AdWords Campaign Services

In Short -
We do keywords research, create and manage google adwords campaign for you. We try to achieve result using low cpc keywords (for that we do lots and lots of research).

As we trust, it is very easy to pay higher cpc and get visitors (for eg. pay US$5 per click and get 1 click). But it needs expert's services to pay 5 cents and get 100 visitor by spending same amount (of US$ 5).

Now it is upto you to decide whether u want to get one visitor by paying 5 bucks or to get 100 visitors by same amount.

In long, what we do?

  • based on 25 main keywords (given by you) we search 250+ keywords to cover a vast google search area
  • Based on these 250+ keywords, we think about you, prepare and write short-yet-effective ads
  • Setup your campaign at google
  • Setup cpc for 250+ keywords
  • Setup different kinds of ads
  • Monitor your campaign
  • Edit / modify ads based on response
  • Add / edit / remove new keywords
  • Add / edit / remove new ads
  • Edit CPC for different keywords
  • Suggest you more effective keywords
  • Advise you about probable keywords your competitors might be using

Again, in short, we carry out deep research into what your potential customers are actually searching for.

Why we do too much work for you?

Simple. Either you will make money using google OR your competitors will make money using google. It is in our interest that you make money rather than your competitors. Now a days, nobody can avoid google. And it is always better to be with the WINNER.

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How to protect your website content,
web images, html, product images
from your competitors and from copy-cats?

OK. You invested a lot to make your beautiful website with new designs, new images of your products, and cool new range for your clients. You are hoping to get a good business from your website and you put these beautiful images on net.

AND, even before your clients visit your site, your competitors visit your site --> copy your images --> copy images of your newly developed products. They put images (copied from your site) at their site and are ready to compete with you.

Your competitors are stealing your product images, text, content and other important information.

Protect Your Website NOW! Dont close your eyes to copycats.

Be Alert and Save Your Valuable Website from these thieves.

Your hard work is now being used by your competitors. Your competitors are luring your clients with your images. It is just like your enemy is using YOUR weapons against YOURSELF.

What are you doing to protect your website?

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Translation Solutions is a leading translation service provider. We translate in various languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, European Spanish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, icelandic, Japanese, Latin American, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, and Welsh.

Our working is effective and simple. If you want your english text to be translated in french, we simply get it done it in France itself. If it is to be done in chinese, it goes to china. This helps us to get best translation done at lower cost. Contact us for free estimate of your translation services requirements.

Arabic to English
Chinese-simp to English
Chinese-trad to English
English to Arabic
English to Chinese-simp
English to Chinese-trad
English to Dutch
English to French
English to German
English to Greek
English to Italian
English to Japanese
English to Korean
English to Norwegian
English to Portuguese
English to Russian
English to Spanish
English to Swedish

Dutch to English
Dutch to French
French to English
French to German
French to Greek
French to Italian
French to Portuguese
French to Dutch
French to Spanish
German to English
German to French
Greek to English
Greek to French
Italian to English
Italian to French
Japanese to English
Korean to English
Portuguese to English
Portuguese to French
Russian to English
Spanish to English
Spanish to French
Swedish to English

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your translation needs.


Website designing, re-designing, editing,
modifying, updating and managing services.

People behind ICRDT have exposure of internet business since 1996. In a way, you can say, that we are offering our services since the commercial beginning of internet in India.

We welcome international business tie-ups from software, hardware companies as well as individuals too for outsourcing their excess work to us.
ICRDT people have already successfully implemented projects meant for WTO, Zee TV, Government of India, Sarkaritel (Delhi Government), EIL, multiple Embassies, LOWE, Ashoka Hotels and several projects from US and other countries also.

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